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Coaching Services

Charting Your Course

For those seeking clarity in life, career or business

The Purpose Discovery Class

For those seeking to discover their purpose in life and live their dreams!

Mindset Optimization Clinic

For those struggling with low self- esteem, fear, lack of confidence and other mindset limitations

Individual and group Coaching session

Executive Coaching Session (Profiling included)

Service Bundle Pricing


1) Charting Your Course ( 3 sessions) 50,000NGN

2) The Purpose Discovery Class ( 3 sessions)


3)Mindset Optimization Clinic is now known as Optimal Mind Clinic ( 3 sessions)


4) Individual Coaching Session 15,000NGN

How Do I know If Profiling is Right For Me?

When you are becoming restless and truly need a change of mindset for your next level

Personality Type Profile

To discover your personality type for enhanced productivity in life and work

Your Career match (Students)

To help students discover suitable career paths

Career Leader Profile (Professionals)

To help you match your interests and skills to suitable career options

Emotional Intelligence Executive Report

To help you manage your emotions and relationships for maximum performance

Resilience report

To help you develop your coping strategies for life’s challenges and bounce back after setbacks.

Personal vision / Life Clarity Report

To help you identify and create your personal brand

My Approach

I am passionate about awakening men and women to the greatness they carry. As a psychologist, I have come to realize that our biggest obstacle in life is our mind. Your mind is powerful, it can be your biggest weapon for success or your greatest limitation to failure. This is why I am passionate about what I do. Helping you realize who you are and empowering you to become that person.

Through my programs, master classes, speaking engagements, coaching sessions, books and other resources, you will be equipped to become all you were created for and succeed in every sphere of human endeavor. No more sitting or lying down, when you should be standing tall. Welcome to your best life now!

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