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Oke Chinye is a Business Psychologist, Accredited Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Conference Speaker and Coach engaged in helping individuals deal with their mindset limitations to achieve personal and business success.

A Learning & Development Consultant, she the CEO of WORKLIFE Solutions Ltd, a workforce development and training consultancy.

                     Oke Chinye – My Story

I met a young lady about 22 years ago. The first thing I
observed about her was that she was an extremely shy
person and she seemed unsure of herself. I remember
wondering whether her weight had anything to do with her
feelings of insecurity. As I related more with her, I also
observed she had difficulties expressing herself. She
opened up and told me she had a deep fear of almost
anything one could think of. She said she found it difficult
to stand up for herself or confront those who treated her
unfairly. She said she was afraid of holding conversations
with other people, because she felt she would embarrass
herself. She said she was afraid of building even platonic
relationships. She was afraid of walking into a room filled
with people and of speaking up in public places. As a result,
she had a tendency of turning down invites to social events.
I inquired as to the reason for such deep level of fear, but she
said she had no clue.
I bumped into the same lady a few years back. Her self confidence
was unbelievable. It oozed out; one could feel it;
almost touch it. I wondered at some point if she was the
same person. She spoke passionately about her dream, her
vision and all the projects she was involved in. She said she
was an Author and Inspirational Teacher / Speaker helping
people find clarity and purpose in life. She spoke also of her
work as a Psychologist and Consultant. Then she said: “I
know you may be wondering if this is me or some other
person, because so much has changed, but I am the same
person, “I am Oke Chinye”. I have clearly articulated this
lady’s story because as you have probably guessed by now,
she is me. I have had plenty of time to analyze the issues and
I have come to realize that my struggle was a battle of the
mindset rather than the reality. I was my own enemy. In
reality, I was qualified on all fronts, but in my mind, I was
defeated on all fronts. Excerpt from my book – Building the Dream

Building the Dream is great with practical stories. Come next ten years,a star will emerge.

~Mr Okoronkwo

Books & Publications

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Living the Life

“Living The Life” firstly, it is not just a book. It is a way of life that is based on
biblical principles. It is a roadmap and a guide for a ‘happier you’. Its prescriptions are scientifically validated as opposed to an individual’s imagination of what works. The knowledge you gain will change theway you view and relate with yourself as well as with the world around you.


Building the Dream

If you can dream something, you can build it, irrespective of who you are. If your heart can capture it and you are willing to pay the price of conception, you can accomplish it. I am grateful to
God for the dream He put in my heart several years ago: “the perception of fulfilling an outward reality, which seemed out of reach at that time”.

Why Work With Me?

I will help you navigate your fears and other mindset limitations which may leave you stuck in every aspect of your life. Get ready for a new you!


Oke holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London, a Masters degree in Business Psychology from The University of Gloucestershire, UK, a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy and a Certificate in Learning and Development Practice from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK where she is a member. She also holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from the Enterprise Development Centre of Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, where she is a life member. She is an alumnus of Harvard Business School Executive Program, Boston, a member of the British Psychological Society, UK and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered). She is a recipient of the prestigious Degree Plus Gold award in enterprise and volunteering from the University of Gloucestershire, UK.


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